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Moth Dissection UK & EU Checklists

UK: United Kingdom list, EU: European list, UK+EU: UK list plus select EU species.

Compiled from multiple sources including:
ABH: Agassiz, D.J.L., Beavan, S.D. & Heckford R.J. (2013) Checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles. (including Appendix A: Adventive Species, not including Appendix B: Questionable Records)
BF: Bradley, J.D. (Fletcher, D.S.) Checklist of Lepidoptera Recorded from the British Isles (2000) Second Ed. (*=proposed BF code)
EU: Karsholt, O. & Nieukerken, E.J. van (2013) Lepidoptera, Moths. Fauna Europaea version 2.6, http://www.fauna-eu.org
KR: Karsholt, O., Razowski, J. (1996) The Lepidoptera of Europe: A Distributional Checklist.
Checklists include additional European species, and species new to Britain up to December 2016.

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